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University of Virginia Summer School Office of the Director University, Va.


University, Va. Aug. 2, 1917.

My dear Mr. Maphis:

No doubt you hear so many appreciations of the Summer School from grateful teachers that it's already an old, old story. Still, I should feel very ungrateful if I failed to make some effort to thank you for the many privileges of this institution - the excellent instruction and the exquisite courtesy that I met everywhere.

You, no doubt, have forgotten your generosity in allowing me to take six courses. Barring the three days when I was in the throes of examinations, I have continually thanked you for that indulgence also.

If it were not for the fact that I fondly hope to have M. A. engraved on my tombstone, I should be happy to come here summer after summer, for in no school have I seen better work in the department of Romance languages.

Thanking you again, Sincerely,

Lillian G. Griffith.