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the reindorsement of the College by the Committee of twenty-five and the pledging of their Legislative Committee to actively support the measure, as well as Dr. Jarman's [turn] statement that he does not want or believe the College should be at Farmville will be a large factor of helpfulness at the coming session of the Legislature. I have been asked by the Superintendent's conference, through Mr. Fitzpatrick, to present the matter to them, and Mr. Ould, of the Trustees, also suggested that I present the matter to his organization. If you can get a commitment from Mr. Hart now as to his support of our measure, it would be a tremendous help. We have a foot plans to present this matter to Mr. Davis, through friends of the College, who were very close to him during his campaign. This last, please do not mention, but an interview with Mr. Davis has already been requested by Mssr. Wyndham and Charles V. Meredith. I hope that you will do everything possible to have a strong Committee, being certainly one of this Committee yourself, with Dr. Alderman, if possible, included, come to Richmond next week for conference here. If that can be done, I believe we can altogether decide to press this matter and with strong hope of success.

upon the wise method of procedure

I also agree with you that to press it properly and fail is far better than to let the matter drop, but proper pressure, as I see it, absolutely involves co-operation and support of an aggresive type from now on on the part of the University.

Thank you again for writing me so fully. With good wishes and cordial regards to you, I am

Sincerely yours,

P.S. -- Please let me hear from you again promptly.