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503 East Grace Street, Richmond, Virginia, December 4, 1919.

Mr. Charles G. Maphis, University, Va.

My dear Mr. Maphis:

I herewith enclose you copy of my letter recently sent to Dr. Alderman, which paper you requested me to send you.

Dr. Alderman reported to Mr. Meredith and myself when he was in Richmond that he was very much gratified by the reception of this letter on the part of the six members of the Board who were present at the meeting. Those absent were Judge Norton, Mr. John Stewart Bryan, Mr. Dillard and the gentleman from Tazewell, whose name escapes me.

I believe Mr. Hart spoke favorably of the plan outlined in my letter. Knowing your very close association with Mr. Hart and your interest in the matter of which this letter treats, I would suggest that it would be most helpful if you would further interest Mr. Hart and engage his active support. Dr. Alderman seems to think that Mr. John Stewart Bryan will be rather a pivotal figure in the decision with reference to the above when the meeting called for the first week in January to discuss the whole subject takes place. I know that Mr. Hart's point of view as the head of our Public School System would carry great weight with Mr. Bryan. If you can, therefore, get Mr. Hart's early action and also ask him to see Mr. Bryan, you will have done a most useful adn helpful thing in bringing about favorable action on the part of the Board of Visitors of the University at this time. I need not go into any discussion of why it seems proper that the Board should act with you, since you know the subject quite as well as I do. Please let me hear from you as to what you can do with reference to Mr. Hart and any other members of the Board.

With very cordial regards to you and Mrs. Maphis, I am,

Sincerely yours,