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Mrs. McCalls

January 3rd, 1914.

Hon. N. E. Spessard, Member House of Delegates, New Castle, Va.

Dear Sir:-

The Clifton Forge Woman's Club is taking an active interest in educational matters and is endeavoring to use whatever influence it may have to further the cause of education in Virginia.

The effort to secure college graduates for teachers in the higher school of the State has resulted in bringing in from other states women graduates for two reasons: First, because the available supply of college graduate teachers are women, second, because there are no provisions for teaching women the higher grades in any of the Virginia state institutions.

The University of Virginia is now receiving liberal support through appropriations granted by the Legislature. There are in the University approximately 800 students in all departments, classical, law, medicine, etc., of these one half come from other states and after graduation do not reside in Virginia. The fees charged do not cover the cost of educating these students from without the state, consequently the tax payers of Virginia are contributing to the