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Hon. N. E. Spessard, -----2------ January 3rd, 1914.

education of young men from Kentucky, West Virginia, North Carolina and other states. The women of the State of Virginia are seeking to have some provision made, by the State, for the collegiate education of women. They do not ask that the State discontinue its present method of keeping the University at Charlottesville a strictly men's college, but do ask that a college for women be established near it, so that the same professors and instructors can lecture and teach in both colleges, thereby giving the woman's college the benefit of the high class instructions obtainable from the highly paid professors and instructors. Surely the girls and women of Virginia, children of the tax payers that support the University, are entitled to equal consideration with the boys and men of Virginia, and to preferential consideration with the boys and men of other states. Of the forty-eight states in the Union, Virginia ranks forty-second in educational matters. If it is to be advanced in rank it will be through the effort of its women teachers and their ability to teach more than the primary school grades.