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Hon. Hugh A. White -----2-

our ability.

Low Moor is a furnace and mining village in the heart of the mountains, containing several hundred intelligent, ambitious inhabitants. Some five years ago the School Board decided, (very wisely we think) when building a new school house here, to erect a four room building, making the school a graded one with two years high school work. In order to have the number of pupils required by the state law a school wagon is run two and a half miles back in the mountains to an isolated farming district, and though the village around an abandoned mine, where heretofore a one room school was maintain for a short term each year.

The Low Moor building is modern in every particular, having heat, drinking fountains, lavatories, toilets, single desks, etc. and a library of over 400 volumes in sectional book cases. The first serious problem was to procure a teacher capable of teaching the two high school grades and to act as principal. Three years ago it was necessary to get a principal from Bristol, Tenn. for the last two years the teacher has been from southern Tennessee, while this year the teacher for the 5th, 6th and 7th grades also had to be procured in Tenn.