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Hon. Hugh A. White -----2-

Our second serious problem is to get the parents to send the children to school. Some families within two hundred fact of the school house do not send their children to school, while most of those in the old mine village two miles from Low Moor through which the wagon passes each school day, do not send their children. There are three generations of them living there who cannot read and write and do not feel that literacy is to be desire or sought for.

Many of these people have never been legally married and live there in sin and drankeness. The good people of the community have gone from door to door and provided proper clothing for the children of the poorest to attend school and they only go a few days.

One would think they would enjoy leaving such houses for a clean, well heated school house, with pictures and flowers in each room. Now Mr. White, I beg of you to write us what to do, for these are native born Virginia citizens and have been for generations.

Anxiously awaiting a solution of our problem. I am,

Yours respectfully, Ruby R. Means