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Sweet Briar College, Sweet Briar, Virginia.

President's Office.

Richmond, Va., February 24, 19188.

The Hon. Aubrey Strode, The Statehouse, Richmond, Va.

My dear Mr. Strode:-

I not with interest that you have introduced a bill to admit women to the Graduate and Professional schools of the University. I think it highly important that this bill should pass. Women have at present no opportunity in any educational institution in the State of pursuing the advanced work so necessary for many of the occupations and professions into which they must now enter. Randolph-Macon Woman's College is the only institution in Virginia where a woman may gain even an A. M. degree. Moreover, the same condition prevails in all the other strictly women's colleges in the country, with the exception of Bryn Mawr. The graduate work of women is almost always of a high standard of excellence, and such students would be a credit to the University and to their State.

Yours sincerely, (Signed) Emilie W. McVea.