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Very sincerely yours,
Very sincerely yours,
J. P. McConnel
J. P. McConnell

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State Normal and Industrial School for Women East Radford, Va.

March 9, 1914.

Office of the President

Mrs. B. B. Munford, Richmond, Va.

Dear Mrs. Munford:

I had quite an extended conversation with Mr. Jordan before I left Richmond last Thursday morning. I do not think there is much probability of his voting for the Co-ordinate College Bille. He is not as bitter against it as he was; he says it is a good measure in many ways but this is not the time for it as there are other matters that should have attention.

I received the copy of the letter form the State Superintendent of Michigan. It is certainly a strong letter.

I could not find Mr. Looney or Mr. Johnson. It seems that Mr. Looney has changed his boarding place. I am writing a few members today in regard to the matter, urging them to take a definite stand as the matter will soon come before them.


Very sincerely yours, J. P. McConnell