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[stricken:Rector St. John's Church 910 ORCHARD HILL ROANOKE, VA. Feb. 6, 1918. Mrs. B. B. Munford, Richmond, Va. My dear Mrs. Munford, I keenly regret that it will be impossible for me to be with you on Friday afternoon as requested in your telegram. I realize that it is very important to have this section of the State represented, and I would be willing to make any sacrifice to go, if it were possible for me to leave my children. I hope Mrs. Goodwin can arrange to go. We have both been working very hard, and have succeeded in getting the promise of a number of influential citizens, some of them Alumni of the University, to write or telegraph to the Governor and our representatives. I believe the sentiment here is strongly in favor of the proposed bill. The papers have given the matter very good publicity. The inclosed are the only clippings that I have at hand. The women of the College Club have sent telegrams to Governor Davis and our three representatives. I have written to them also, and we have let them know that we approv the present bill. We have succeeded in converting Mr. Joe Turner of Hollins, whom we hope can influence Mr. Andrews. Regretting that I cannot be with you, and praying for your success, Sincerely yours, A. B. Johnson