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Alexander H. Light Attorney at Law Rustburg, Virginia February 14, 1918 Wyndham R. Meredith, Esq. Richmond, Virginia Dear Sir:- Replying to your circular and card and outline of bill of which Senetors Early and others are patrons, I am opposed to any form of co-education or co-ordination of the University of Virginia. I have not given the matter very much thought and my reasons are largely sentimental, but I find that if you take sentiment out of life in a great many respects it makes the practical part of it very much less interesting. I think that the girls in Virginia should have every advantage that the boys have, but I am clear in my own mind that they should have separate colleges and both from my experience at the University and observation generally I am thoroughly convinced that co-educational colleges or co-ordinate colleges are not the best. It is not necessary for me to specify them but it seems by running over the different lists of colleges and universities in the country that I am justified in this conclusion. Yours very truly,

A H Light AHL/W