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Coördinate College League Richmond, Virginia 503 E. Grace Street, December 8, 1915 We are sending you today, under separate cover, some literature with reference to the Co-ordinate College. As you probably know it is hoped that this college will be established by the Legislature of 1916, thus giving the women of the state the advantages and resources of our state University. It is thought such action will be to the great advantage of the public school system in that it will provide for the best and most efficient training of our women teaching in the public high schools. It will in addition give to the women studying at the Summer School professional recognition which should increase their earning capacity and at the same time give them professional standing, both in Virginia and elsewhere, in return for the money and effort they are expending each year at the University for which they are unable to get any credit leading to a degree. The Sub-Committee of the General Committee, which meets on Saturday morning, December 11th, to prepare a legislative program, is recommending that the Co-ordinate College be one of the subjects included in our general program. We feel that the extension of the compulsory education law, a minimum wage for first grade teachers, larger approporations [appropriations] for the sommon schools and the opening of the state University to the women of the state probably represent the most important and most democratic educational propositions which will come for consideration before the next Legislature. We are mailing the literature in reference to the college in order that you may be fully familiar with the plan proposed. Yours very truly, M/O