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FORM A6-9-26-17-5000 RAILWAY LIGHT POWER CHARLOTTESVILLE & ALBEMARLE RAILWAY COMPANY F. C. TODD, PRESIDENT JOHN L. LIVERS, VICE PRES. & GEN. MGR. W. R. MORTON, SEC'Y & TREAS. Charlottesville, Va., February 14,1918 Mrs. B. B. Munford, 503 East Grace St., Richmond, Va. Dear Mrs. Munford: - Enclosed please find letter from W. W. Sproul sent to my brother-in-law Louis F. Jordan, Mayor of Basic, Virginia, and which explains itself. I had hoped that Mr. Sproul had changed considerable in his views on the Co-ordinate College, and hope that additional pressure can be brought to bear on him so that he will vote for same. I am just in receipt of a telegram from Mr. Wyndham Meredith and will try and comply with same to the letter. Last night Dr. Alderman spoke at Cabell Hall. There were supposed to be one hundred or one hundred and fifty students, a few town people and quite a few of the faculty there. It was the same old story - he was in favor of a co-ordinate college and hoped and prayed that the Legislature would adopt the same at this session, but with a great many "ifs" and "ands" as to its establishment, so that when he was through I don't think anybody, certainly myself, felt we knew just what he wanted. I hope that you have met Captain Harris, the C & O Railroad manwho is in the lobby representing the railroad men of the state. I have also received a copy of Senate Bill No. 230, together with circular letter with alumni names signed to same. This should certainly be effective and counteract the work, to a certain extent, of Eppa Hunton and Murray McGuire. [struck-through] I am of the opinion that the city would have to ask the Legislature's permission to appropriate the sum of money stated in the resolution, and so that there will be no question about this matter, I will consult with Judge Dabney today if possible, so that we can get in a bill for the city or county before it is too late for this Legislature to act on same. It is my recollection that we either did this last session or arranged to do so. I have seen Judge Dabney, and he feels it is not necessary. Very truly yours, John L. Livers. JLL-McL