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J. L. Livers Charlottesville Virginia June 28th, 1918. Mrs. Mary-C. B. Munford, 503 E. Grace Street, Richmond Va. My dear Mrs. Munford:- Yours of the 27th has just been received, and for which please accept many thanks. I was very glad indeed to hear from you once again, and to know that you are still very much interested in the CO-Ordinate College, and I feel sure that unless something unforseen happens we will certainly be successful at the next Legislature and have either a Co-Ordinate College or straight out co-education. The latter I am afraid will be very hard to prevent, especially since William and Mary and the Richmond College have made the changes they have.

Looking forward to the personnel of the next Legislature, I have written to Col. Leedy asking that he be a candidate for the State Senate, and he has consented to do so: this being the Page County time to be represented in the Senate, the counties of Warren, Clarke and Page rotating.

Have also talked to a number of friends from Page County and they approve of Col. Leedy's candidacy. This would also give us a representative from Page County and I feel that Col. Leedy would strengthen us in the Senate. Hope this meets with your approval.

Have known of the wedding of Miss Virginia McKenney. Certainly wish her lots of happiness. Hope her getting married will not deminish her interest in the Co-Ordinate College, as I am sure she is of great assistance to you.

Dr. Alderman has gone away for the Summer. Dean Thornton is here and seems to be in his usual health, but I cannot understand why they have not replied to your letters.

Thanking you again for your letter, and when in Richmond I shall be very glad to call, I remain, with kind regards, Yours very truly, John L. Livers. JLL/EB.