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J. L. Livers Charlottesville Virginia July 25, 1918. Mrs. Mary- C. B. Munford, 503 E. Grace Street, Richmond, Va. My dear Mrs. Munford:- A few days ago a thought occurred to me, and I am now trying to carry it out. So far everything looks very satisfactory, and hope it continues. That is as a war measure close William and Mary for the period of the war, moving the students, both male and female to the university of Virginia in September, thereby saving considerable fuel, which will be quite an item this Winter, infact already is. In addition to this I hope to be able to utilize these buildings either by the DuPont Company, or the Newport News Ship Building and Dry Dock Company, to whom I have addressed communications and hope that one or the other of this industries will take advantage of this opportunity as these building are capable of taking care, both room and board, of three hundred men, and while it would be twenty-seven miles from Newport News as special train could be utilized in bringing these men backward and forward and thereby relieving the congestion in Newport News, also the expense to the Government in erecting building facilities for these men. Of course the DuPont plant is much closer and would, no doubt, be more able to use these buildings. In the mean time I have addressed a communication to Gov. Davis, sending a copy to Harry F. Byrd, Fuel Administrator, who writed me this morning approving of it. Dr. Dillard who is, as you know, Chairman of the Board of William and Mary, while not approving of it when I first consulted him, after a talk of same length he approved of same, and while he does not with to take the initiiative he suggested that I go ahead and he would not