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J. L. Livers Charlottesville Virginia Mrs. Mary -C. B. Munford---------#2 The reason this thought occurred to me was on account of the Fuel Administration sending two men from Washington to look over the University of Virginia power plant, also the C. and A. Railway power plant, who found that the University was using 12 4/10 pounds of coal per K.W. hour for electric power while our power plant was producing a K. W. for less than 3 pounds of coal per K. W. hour, so they recommended that the University plant be shut down and power purchased from this Company, which was done last month, and we have been saving over one hundred tons of coal per month, which of course is quite an item, and if it could be done at other plants a great saving could be made. I have not taken this up with the University Authorities officially, have been advised by one of the head men that it would certainly meet with their approval and that they could take care of the women as well as the men. I thought you would be interested in knowing about the above, and if you approve of same and can assist the matter it might be well to do so as it will have to be acted on promptly, and as soon as I get a favorable reply from the Governor, which I expect in the next day or two, I will try to get some action from the Board of Visitors of both bodies. Hoping this will find you well, and with kind regards, I remain, Yours very truly, John L. Livers.