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December 3, 1919. Professor Wm. M. Thornton, University, Va. My dear Professor Thornton: It seems like old times to have another good letter from you. Since you wrote, Dr. Alderman has been in the City, asked for a conference with me and at that time reported to Mr. Meredith and myself that my letter to him had been very cordially received on the part of the six members of the Board in that time present. He further stated that he had been asked to send a copy of my letter to each member of the Board, and that some time during the first week of January had been set for the discussion of this matter. The Doctor seemed very hopeful. I note since then that the Medical College matter has loomed on the horizon, and I am hoping that in the disturbance incident to the discussion of this, we shall not be lost sight of. Personally, I am satisfied that as my letter suggests,