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December 3, 1919. Professor Wm. M. Thornton, University, Va. My dear Professor Thornton: It seems like old times to have another good letter from you. Since you wrote, Dr. Alderman has been in the City, asked for a conference with me and at that time reported to Mr. Meredith and myself that my letter to him had been very cordially received on the part of the six members of the Board in that time present. He further stated that he had been asked to send a copy of my letter to each member of the Board, and that some time during the first week of January had been set for the discussion of this matter. The Doctor seemed very hopeful. I note since then that the Medical College matter has loomed on the horizon, and I am hoping that in the disturbance incident to the discussion of this, we shall not be lost sight of. Personally, I am satisfied that as my letter suggests, if the University is to have any control in the development of women's education in the State, and if it is to become at all along conservative lines, that now is the time to make such a beginning. You will note from the letter that our plan includes professional as well as graduate work in the Academic School. We do not believe that the first group of women going to the University will be large, and Dr. Alderman seemed to feel that proper arrangements for them constituted a practical detail which could be effectively worked out later on, and that the thing to do now was to secure action. We hope, therefore, that you will do all you can to make feeling at the University among the teaching body as cordial and enthusiastic as possible. For my own part, I am keeping still and mean to help the matter along only as a request for specific action with reference to the same comes from Dr. Alderman himself. I am persuaded that the time has come when the responsibility for leadership must rest where the State has placed those responsibly namely, with the University authorities themselves, and the Governor of Virginia, who is in a way