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503 East Grace Street February 14, 1916. Miss Edna Turpin, Chase City, Virginia, My Dear Miss Turpin: I wrote this letter to ask you to influence Mr. L. Gregory, Mr. H. F. Hutcheson and either Mr. Holmes or the son of Mr. Holmes - I am not quite sure which - to use their influence with Senator Jeffreys in behalf of the Co-ordinate College Bill. Some letters to Mr. Hudgins, of Chase City, might be helpful. Mr. Hudgins has received some letters adverse to the Co-ordinate College Bill from the Farmville alumni only today, and I understood him to say that he had not received any letters in favor to say that he had not received any letters in favor of it from Chase City, though he told me that he knew you personally and one other lady, and both were favorable. Please attend to this at once. I am sorry to hear that you are confined to your home. We have suffered very much from the sickness in the families of many of our workers; especially is this the case with young Virginia McKennery, whose mother is now ill in bed. If you cannot go to Boydton please send some letters over there and do what you can to organize that neighborhood in the interest of our bill, especially by getting letters written to the delegates and senators from the district, as well as to the Governor, by as many people as possible. I wish you would let me hear at once as to the matter about which you wrote Mr. Guy Ellett. I am enclosing you some facts with reference to the early days of the Co-ordinate colleges and the cost of instruction. You will note also in the little folder that the cost for 185 students at Brown University in 1910 that was only $27,000, the dormitory being self-supporting. There are a great many mistakes in Dr. Cannon's figures. In the first place, $11.35 was the per capita cost in 1912 in the counties; the per capita at that time in the State was something over $13.00. This was based on enrollment. If it had been based on attendance, and white attendance at that. It would have been nearly $24.00 per capita for the State. You will note that he states the school term was five and three fourths months. As a matter of fact, the school term in 1914-15