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November 6, 1915. My dear Miss McKenney - I am very much interested in your plan for a conference on Journalism as a Vocation for Women, and would of course be glad to speak if times and places agree. Your letter mentions no date for the proposed meeting. Is the time yet unset, or were you waiting to hear from me in order to try to meet any schedule I might have in Richmond in the future? I am right much occupied teaching and writing editorials and my time is hardly open for trips even to Richmond. However, I may be there sometime about Thanksgiving, and perhaps again later from say December 20 on. I believe I am to make a speech before the Woman's Club, the Monday after Christmas. I hardly think I can promise more. It would be almost impossible to make a special trip for the purpose.

Indeed, I know little enough about Journalism for women. I have been in offices with women workers, and know what they are up against. In the West they seem to be making good, and there is of course a wide field for their gifts, but what of practical value I could say, I don't know. However I could tell what the University thinks of the profession, and what sort of instruction it gives men. I would be glad to talk as you suggested.

Let me know about the date as soon as possible so I may tell you whether there is a chance of my being in the conference. I will be glad indeed to serve your good cause in any way I can. You may count on me. Do you expect to work for the Coordinate College this Legislature? If so, please tell your publicity chairman, or agent, to put the Charlottesville "Progress" on her list and keep me informed directly of all that goes on. I write the editorials for that paper, the only one in the University community and it can help a lot up here. Put me in touch with your plans.

I am sorry I cannot be more definite. Perhaps I can later. I am, with best wishes to you and the good works you help, Most sincerely yours Leon R Whipple Box 25 University, Va.