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The position occupied by Washington and Lee among Southern Institutions. There are 208 colleges and universities in the fourteen Southern States, according to the last report of the U. S. Department of Education. Among these Washington and Lee occupies a position entirely its own. Of the unshared possessions which thus set it apart three are especially worthy of mention. 1. Its unique Location and ennobling Associations. The institution, as is well known, was practically founded by a gift of $50,000 from George Washington and was by him formally authorized to bear his name. It was his chosen institution, and as Washington College trained a long succession of men whose eminent services to Virginia and the nation bore witness to the abiding inspiration of his character and example. In the wreck which followed the Civil War, the illustrious leader of the Southern armies, seeking where and how he could best serve his devastated and impoverished land, rejected offers of wealth and ease for his services in other directions and chose Washington's college as the most fruitful opportunity for his own investment. Having no money, he gave himself to the institution. With unmurmuring faith and resignation