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4 March 1912 My dear Mrs. Valentine: The Editor of the Times-Dispatch did pigeon-hole my letter. I discovered this fact and wrote the worthy and eminently respectable gentleman requesting the return of my transcript. In the future I shall try and hold my tongue and pen on the subject of suffrage - at any rate until the next "campaign" - or at least for the forty days of Lent. The matter of the suffrage for women is to me such a holy and sacred cause that any opposition to it makes me instantly burn with wrath. I am a partisan and my defense of any cause is usually so violent as to make enemies for myself and for my cause. As for the first I care not; but wisdom (or rather what little of that [illegible] estimable virtue I possess) counsels "silence" on my part as but for my cause. It is perhaps best that the "T-D" did not publish my letter. I am conceited enough to think that you would like to see a copy of this letter so I am sending one to you. I have retained