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June, 1st. 1912. Mrs. Alice M. Tyler, Cor. Sec'y. Equal Suffrage League of Virginia,

  1. 800 East Broad Street, Richmond, Virginia.

Dear Madam: Your letter of May, 31st. in reply to my letter to Miss Johnson, received. I suppose, you wish an explanation, as the financial question, is as a rule, THE question, in any movement. Now, in the first place, if you have any thot [sic] of having me try to provide money to finance the movement for you, you will wish to know some thing about me. I would suggest, that you write to Mr. W. B. Todd, Cashier of the Mt. Solon Bank, and ask him regarding my reliability. In writing him, please use PLAIN stationeny [sic], or some stationery other that that of the League: Sounds queer, but I have reasons, for this. I am a businessman, here. Have a small manufacturing business, and am concerned in several mail-order firms; In one a stockholder, and manufacture goods for another, and have one which, I won and operate, myself. I am in sympathy, with the Votes for Women movement, and would like to see it successful, in Virginia. In my business, I use certain methods, that have been successful, and I think they could be used, in a modified form, to obtain money for your movement. In fact, I am very certain, of this. Therefore, as I am in sympathy with this movement, and felt sure that money, is the greatest need, at this time, I wrote to Miss Johnson, as I knew her to be much interested in it, and thot a letter to her, would be refered to the proper ones. The cost of trying out, my plans would be small, would require, stationery naming me as Fiscal Agent of the League, or some thing of that sort, and a few dollars worth of stamps, and return envelopers, would be about all the cost, or trying out this plan. Would require a little information, also, and this would be about all that you would