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Mrs.Alice M.Tyler,Cor. Sec'y., Equal Suffrage League of Virginia.

  1. 800 Ease [East] Broad Street, Richmond, Virginia.

June 11, 1912.

Dear Mrs. Tyler:- Under date of June, 3rd. I wrote you in reply to your letter of May, 31st. I had rather expected a reply to my letter, by this time. Now, understand Mrs. Tyler, I do not wish to force myself, or my services on any one, and I do not expect or desire the League to employ me it they do not wish to do so. I am not much given to "boosting" my abilities, or making promises unless, I am fairly sure I can fulfill them. I think I can do as I told you, and I suppose the League would be benefited by successful services along the lines, I suggested. I am in sympathy with the movement, and the work would be of a type that I would enjoy, and that I have had experience with, and I think I would be successful enough to meet with the approbation of the League. But the matter rests entirely with the League. I would appreciate a letter from you tho, giving me some idea of the sentiment of the League regarding my proposition. I made this proposition entirely from a business standpoint, and of course, the League will receive it the same way. The matter of raising money for any purpose is entirely a business matter, and sentiment has little to do with it at all. I will appreciate a letter from you at your convenience, giving me the decision of the "powers that be" in the League. Thanking you in advance, for the courtesy of an early reply, I remain, Very Truly: H.W.Hopewell.

H.W. Hopewell. Mt. Solon, VA.