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[letterhead] The Official Organ of the National American Woman Suffrage Association The Woman's Journal 585 Boylston Street, Boston, Massachusetts Editor: Alice Stone Blackwell Business Manager: Agnes E. Ryan Telephone—Back Bay 4717 June 15, 1912. Mrs. Alice M. Tyler, 800 E. Broad St., Richmond, Va. Dear Mrs. Tyler: We have your letter of June 12 in which you ask us to enter a two-year subscription for S. W. Broaddus, Boling [Bowling] Green, Va. We find that Mr. Broaddus is already receiving the paper and his subscription is due from December 1911. Do you wish us to extend it from that date ? You ask in your letter to have it begin on June 1. Sincerely Yours, Agnes E Ryan AER/W/LMG [words handwritten in right hand margin] Unless we hear from you to the contrary, we shall take it for granted you want his subscription extended.