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Mrs. Borden Harriman, Pres D. R. Brickell Holmes, Secy and Treas. Telephone. Gramercy 1693 WOMAN'S NATIONAL WILSON AND MARSHALL ORGANIZATION HEADQUARTERS FOFTH AVENUE BUILDING NEW YORK ROOM 1058 TENTH FLOOR [Symbol]12 Advisory Board Senator Thomas P. Gore, Oklahoma Joseph E. Davies, Wisconsin Josephus Daniels, North Carolina W. G. McAdoo New York Governor Shafroth, Colorado Organization Committee Mrs. Borden Harriman Mrs. A. S. Alexander Mrs. Caroline B. Alexander Mrs. A. S. Burleson Mrs. J. Sergeant Cram Mrs. Josephus Daniels Mrs.. Joseph E. Davies Mrs. J. B. Eustis Mrs. Thomas P. Gore Mrs. Frank Lyon Polk Mrs. Oswald Villard Mrs. Willis J. Abbot Miss Katherine Leckie Mrs. Mabel Potter Daggett September 3, 1912 My dear Mrs. Tyler: Mrs. Harriman asks me to acknowledge your letter of the 28th in regard to an auxiliary you are trying to form in Richmond and Virginia. This idea in various States is to form a State Committee, with a Chairman, working in conjunction with the National Women's Wilson and Marshall Organization; and that this State Committee shall appoint sub-committees in various parts of the State who shall, in a smaller and local way, under the State Chairman, distribute literature and influence votes indirectly. I enclose copies of the leaflets already issued by the National Organization and, as others appear, we will be glad to send you copies, or we could send you a supply for distribution, if you so desire. The State Committee would arrange for meetings and other intensive work; the main features of the addresses being the discussion of the reduction of the tariff, which would reduce the cost of living. This is the question which touches most deeply the working people and in fact the housekeeper of all classes. Another way in which our co-workers in the States assist is by collecting funds for the expenses of the campaign. Such funds should be turned over to the National Woman's headquarters, with a list of donors, and each contribution of one dollar and upwards will be acknowledged by a handsome certificate with portraits and autographs of Governors Wilson and Marshall, officially signed as a receipt. We also have on sale Wilson Campaign Seals, 1¢ apiece, a supply of which will be sent to any one specifying the number required and prepaying the value. If there is any other information we can give you in regard to organization, etc., we shall be only too happy to send it to you. Very truly your, Mrs. R. B. Holmes Secretary

Mrs. Alice M Tyler 800 East Broad Street Richmond, VA