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college has been the recipient of all federal funds coming to our state for higher education. Our state appropriations for higher education have also gone to it. Nothing for general maintenance however scarcely anything for buildings but specified sums for certain courses and the tuition fees of 70 high school graduates annually. Our fight for women's education you see therefore has had to be slow and has been hampered because of these mixed interest of private and public funds. We are aiming to establish a college for women in affiliation with Rutgers College. Like you we hope to secure funds from individuals for buildings and endowment also to ask the state to appropriate annual funds for maintaining certain course for women (as it now does for men) and for the tuition fees of a women state scholarship students to the number that it now provides for men. When I wrote you last we had not the consent of the Trustees of Rutgers College to the establishment of the woman's college. We now have their hearty consent and co-operation. The Trustees have appointed a committee to meet with us and assist in any way possible. These joint committees are now trying to make up schedules of the actual cost of establishing the college (in permanent buildings as at Delaware College-