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or in temporary quarters as Barnard started) also just what courses are available at present - what professors could do double service etc etc. I thought it possible that you had definitely worked this problem out for Virginia and would not object to giving us your figures as they would not be used publicly only to guide us. Also you are much better organized than we are, and perhaps you will help us along those lines. Will you let me know 1. The appropriation for buildings, and maintenance which you hope to secure from the Legislature - (or could you send copy of your last bill?) 2. What type of curriculum, you hope to offer (in N.J. the agricultural college is connected with Rutgers - we are therefore pleading for a college offering similar courses to those offered at Delaware College this fall viz 4 yr. Liberal Arts 4 yr Advanced Pedagogy and 4 yr. Home Economics) 3. Whether your "Co-operative Education Association" was organized as a result of the agitation for the Woman's college and who the important people are that are there represented. (We would like to organize more efficiently and thought you might help us!) In an interview with Dean Gildersleeve