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503 E. Grace St., June 15, 1917. Mr. Frank T. West, Louisa, Va. My dear Mr. West: We were very regretful that you were unable to attend the meeting of the subcommittee appointed by our general Educational Committee to make a report on the status of the Co-ordinate College matter. Our committee met on Monday, April 30th. There were present Messrs. Jarman, Maphis, and myself; absent Messrs. Ould and West. I herewith enclose you a copy of the resolutions which were adopted by this Committee and signed by the three members present. Our Committee reported these resolutions on the following day to the meeting of the chairman of all the subcommittees, at which time this resolution was approved and adopted by them. I regret very much that I have been so delayed in sending you this report and must ask your indulgence, since I have been under very heavy pressure of work. We hope that these resolutions will be satisfactory to you, and very much regretting your absence at the time, I am Sincerely yours, Chairman Central Committee Sent also to Mr Eugene Ould Evington Va