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503 E. Grace Street, December 16, 1915. Hon. J. H. Price, Times-Dispatch Bldg., Richmond, Va. My dear Mr. Price: It was with great gratification that I learned recently, through our mutual friend Mr. Clyde Saunders, that you had expressed your determination to support, at the coming session of the Legislature, the bill for the establishment of the Co-ordinate College. We have mailed you some literature with reference to this matter, and, as a Richmond woman, I wish to express my "[illegible]" appreciation for your support of this cause. We do not know yet just now Mr. Myers will stand, though we are under the impression that he is well disposed to the bill. We would appreciate your speaking with him and to other members of the Legislature with whom you have influence to bring the support of the college their active assistance. Yours very truly, Chairman Women's Committee. M/O