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Januar 11, 1916. Dr. A. S. Priddy, Madison Heights, Lynchburg, Virginia Mr dear [Mr.?] Priddy:- I know that you have been a friend in the past of the Co-ordinate College bill. This bill will be introduced again this year in practically the same shape as two years ago, and we know that your influence can be very helpful to us in this matter. I am, therefore, writing to ask that you will do your best to gain the support of this measure by Messrs Russell and Moss from your neighborhood, and of Mr. Musgrave, Mr. Baker, and Mr. Flannagan; also any other members whose names will suggest themselves to you. So many of the leaders in the political life of the State are now sympathetic and actively interested in the passage of this bill and it has such a large following from all classes of people throughout the State of Virginia that we feel very hopeful of success at the hands of the Legislature of 1916. We are satisfied that the Legislature which established this College will go down in history as having accomplished a signally important thing for the educational development and life of the State. However, if we are to succeed, we need the active and cordial support of every friend of the movement. You can do so much, that I will add my personal request to that of the Committee which I represent in asking that you give your active support this year and make it a point to speak to the gentlemen whose names I have given above. Remembering gratefully your former interest, and with good wishes for the New Year, I am Sincerely, "[blank]" Chairman Central Committee.