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January 5, 1916, Mrs. M. C. B. Munford, Richmond, Va. My dear Mrs. Munford:- I have your letter of the 1st inst. relative to the coordinate college bill which you proposed having introduced at the coming session of the General Assembly, and will say that I am in favor of it as I have always been and will be glad to do anything I can to aid you in its behalf within my humble capacity. I will see such members of the House as I may know of those whose names you mentioned, in your letter and will use my best influence to get them to support the measure. It is my purpose to be in Richmond at the opening of the session and I shall hope to have the pleasure of meeting you while there. With best wishes for New Year of happiness for your, and of success in the matter on which you have your heart set. Sincerely yours, "[illegible]"