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137 S. Sycamore St., Petersburg, Va., Feb. 7, 1916

Miss N. C. Preston, Pres. Va. Division U. D. C., Seven Mile Ford, Va. My dear Miss Preston: It was my intention to do you the courtesy to write you before the Legislature convened to send you the enclosed pamphlet in regard to the Coordinate College. But I know I have only to tell you that my excuse is the sudden illness and death from pneumonia of my hitherto healthy and vigorous father. It has been hard to do anything these four weeks, but I do want to drop you a line in regard to the College. Knowing your personal opinions as I do, I can expect only the help you can give as President of the Division. Nevertheless I want you to be in touch with the movement and to realize that the eyes of a large part of the South and even of the whole East are upon Virginia at the moment. The enclosed clipping from the New York Times of yesterday will sreve as an illustration of how widely the matter is being thought over, and how very necessary it seems to be for the good of the state to take the broad hundred year view in the foundation of a state supported woman's college. I truly wish we had your sympathy and judgment on our side. And yet I am sure we can count on you as President of the Division to give us the benefit of your help in an official way, and to put no hinderance in our path. With best wishes, I am, Sincerely yours, V. S. McK