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JOHN PAUL ATTORNEY AT LAW HARRISONBURG, VA February 16th, 1916. Hon. N. B. Early, Jr., Senate Chamber, Richmond, Virginia. My dear Early:- I have received your letter asking that I use my influence with Mr. Lowry in favor of the Co-ordinate College Bill. When I was in Richmond last week I had counted on seeing a number of the Republican members about this, but was forced to leave the city sooner than I had expected, on account of the illness of Mrs. Paul. It may be possible that I will be in Richmond again shortly when I will certainly talk to them about it; but in view of the fact that I am not sure of being there or when it will be, I am writing today to Mr. Lowry about it. With all good wishes to you and my many other friends about the Capital, I am, Very sincerely yours, John Paul JP:C.