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[imprinted lettLaw Office of Aubrey E. Strode, Rooms 308 1/2-309 Krise building, Lynchburg, Virginia, Sept. 27, 1919., Mrs. Mary C. B. Munford, Richmond, Virginia, My dear Mrs. Munford: Your note of Aug. 16th went to France, came back to the Senate chamber at Richmond and finally caught up with me here this week. I quite agree with your prognostication of what is likely to happen in the matter of higher education by the State for women in Virginia. The University has again, I am afraid, and as you say, missed a [firm?] opportunity for development and a larger service. I am not sure that it was in the differing which I sent you from London but I was interested in the statement of some of the English papers, in commenting upon the successful growth through fifty years of the Colleges for Women at the English Universities, that the original establishment of these colleges for women was brought about