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[page] 2. [imprinted letterhead] Law Office of Aubrey E. Strode Rooms 308 1/2 -309 Krise building Lynchburg, Virginia

over the most strenuous abusive opposition it reminded me of home. My six months of foreign service in the Army at General Headquarters, first at [Chammonth?], France and afterward at Paris when Gen. Pershing moved there, with incidental duties that took me into Germany and an opportunity on leave to see something of Belgium and the British Isles was exceedingly interesting and I think valuable. I am happy to be home again to pick up as I may the broken threads of my normal living but I have had some difficulty of becoming oriented into an atmosphere so different from that where the people really felt the war and where indeed the world is being made over. I appreciate your expression of regret that I am not to continue in the Senate and thank you. With best wishes, I am, Sincerely Aubrey E. Strode