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2. Page 4 contin "Near Charlottesville" -- "At Charlottesville". Page 5 Cost of Faculty Education -- Should not a note explain why no addition is needed to the present staff in Education. This is a point we are always trying to emphasize and would like to have you stress it -- that the School of Education is there and ready to be utilized by the Wmoan's [Woman's] College for the preparation of teachers. Mr. Raleigh Minor in one of his newspaper articles taunts us with laying no plans for training teachers. Ten Women Instructors -- You must have made a mistake in your estimate here. Did you mean $15000, or $1500 each? I suppose so for that is the sum set for men. If there is any question in your mind about the sum to be allowed for women teachers, won't you write me further before the article goes to press. The Association of Collegiate Alumnae is very nice in its discriminations against colleges, especially state colleges, who make a difference in the salaries paid to men and to women. [*] We must get recognition from them, and I am anxious to have nothin[g] in the way from the very beginning. That is one thing that has kept Randolph-Macon from being recognized, I understand. I suppose that you use the word "instructors" in the general sense, covering both adjuncts and the grade below, if you have such at the University. It occurs to me that it might be better to name an estimated lump sum for women teachers, giving no definite number. 10 seems a good many. At Delaware College $4600 annually for two years was included in the first budget for the woman's college, and this included the physical director and the Domestic Science and Arts teacher; which [lined out] [**] we would not need. Of course this was for two years only. But I think there are hardly more than 5 at Westhampton after three years. Page 7 Expenses of Administration etc Dean -- $1000 is too low a figure for the Dean of Women. I should say that at least 2400 should be allowed for the type of woman necessary both socially and intellectually. I cannot say authoritatively, but I think at least this much is paid at Delaware and Westhampton. Operating Academic Building -- I my estimate of the cost of buildings for the initial plant (which I have gone over with Dr. Alderman and am now putting into final shape) I have estimated on the basis of one academic building accommodating 300 to 500. To avoid confusion, would it not be well to refer to "Academic Building", though the expenses as estimated by you can remain the same? "By referring" -- Alterations in figures as referred to above will alter figures here and in following paragraph

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