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3. Page 7 contin. "Located near" -- "Located at". Page 8 " " " " four times

3. General Suggestions A. Should not some mention be made of graduate and especially of Ph.D. work? This is an especially strong point in favor of locating the college at Charlottesville, and it has a very vital connection with the very elements that you refer to in your opening paragraphs -- the ability of the University to command the grade of teachers necessary for advanced work at a price which they would not consider from an isolated separate college. Bryn Mawr is the only woman's college in the world offering Ph.D. work and figures show that it is an extremely expensive undertaking for the college there. Yet the presence of a graduate school undoubtedly has a most beneficial effect on undergraduate work, and we must have access to graduate work somewhere in Virginia. There is no opportunity for women in the state at present. B. Would it not be well to bring in somewhere the fact that at the Woman's College locatedat Charlottesville departments do not have to be created -- but already exist and merely have to be added to as the need arises at the new college. For instance, no department of Greek would have to be created, since one already exists at the University which would probably take care of the needs of both colleges since the demands in both cases would be small. C. Dr. Alderman has made a note about great lecture foundation which could be made available for both colleges with no added expenses. I think this is very important. I do not catch his meaning about "art and music", but you will. D. Dr. Alderman has put your name at the top. It was agreed the other day that you and Prof. Thornton would sign your articles. But I make a note here because you name and your titles at the top of this article will be necessary in order to give the figures standing in the educational world.