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503 E. Grace Street, December 21, 1915. Miss Elizabeth Pickett, Botetourt Apartments, Norfolk, Va. My dear Miss Pickett: I am sending you, under separate cover, a typewritten copy of the corrected Norfolk list. I trust you succeeded in eliminating all duplicates. As you know, Miss Lucy Holt, [illegible] manship for the Second District. I am very much delighted at this. I have never heard anything [illegible] my letter, from Miss Serpell, but trust that during the holidays you will be able to make sure of her co-operation. Your name now stands on the Central Committee as representing Norfolk. When the rush of the present work is over, I will send you a list of this committee recently revised so that it may be published in the Norfolk papers. During the holidays wont you do what you can to gain the support of the press of Norfolk? I seem to have a number of clippings from Norfolk papers of 1912 and 1914, but there is no clue as to which papers they are. We are making a strenous effort this year to get hold of the press of the state, particularly the city papers, as they are influential in both city and county. So far we are making good headway, and, I trust that you will soon be able to report that we may add the Norfolk papers to our list of those favorably inclined. With best wishes for the holidays and with sincere regards, I am Sincerely yours, Chairman Women's Committee. VM/O