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February 14, 1916 Mrs. E. L. Priddy, Keysville, Va.,

My Dear Mrs. Priddy:

Many thanks for your recent communication. We are in the midst of a great fight, but the outlook is pretty favorable. I was obliged to you for your suggestions with reference to the people at Charlotte Court House who might be influential with Mr. Adams. I do not know these friends, but I am mailing them today some literature. I wish you would take the matter up with them directly, as that would make it more effective than to be approached by me, an entire stranger, especially since you are in the neighborhood, as well as possibly having some acquaintance with them. At this time I am working night and day. Virginia KnKenney, owing to the death of her father, has been confined in Petersburg practically all the time, so that it has put upon me the burden of the work she had expected to do, in addition to my own. Write to the people whom you have suggested and continue to bring to bear all the pressure possible upon your representatives - both the Senate and the House. Write also to Dr. Priddy. He was down here about a week ago and promised to see some people but failed to make any report. Let him know how much the outlook has improved since he was here. If he would go to work immediately on the list which he received from me, and which he had already agreed to help with, it would mean much. The fight is long and every moment counts, so please act promptly. With all good wishes and appreciation of your very hearty words, I am, Sincerely yours,

Chairman Central Committee