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August 2, 1917. Dr. Edwin A. Alderman, University, Va. Dear Dr. Alderman:- One of the situations produced by war which will grow constantly more serious is the shortage of nurses and doctors. There are already several communities in the State without physicians and cases of typhoid cannot secure medical attendance. When the two hospital units now being organized are ordered, these conditions will grow much more wide spread. Under these conditions efforts are being made to reduce the very large amount of preventable illness by the education of the public. In this connection, Mrs. Tate Irvine of Big Stone Gap, has suggested that the educational institutions might be glad to assist in this piece of war work, and I write to ask your co-operation. Do you think it would be possible to establish short practical courses for women in communicable disease and Home Nursing at the University? The woman's Committee, National Council of Defense, Virginia Division plans if possible to organize such classes throughout the State during the fall and winter. One difficulty which we will