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To the Honorable the Legislature of the Commonwealth of Virginia: The petition of the subscriber humbly sheweth.

That on the twenty first day of March in the year 1804 he was and is now Sheriff of the County of Norfolk. That on that day he received a procefs in the words following [illegible] "The Commonwealth of Virginia to the Sheriff of Norfolk COunty [greeting?] We command you that you summon Matthew Whiting to appear before the Justice of our said County Court of Norfolk at the Courthouse of the said County on the third monday in June next to answer a bill in chancery exhibited against him by Glasgow, John, Betty, Harrison, James, Sally, [Patsey?]. Milly, [Sucky?], Judy, Fanny [Sucky?] Molly, Phillis, Sam, [illegible], David, Amy, [Tamy?] Milley, Eve, Prince, David, Franky, Moses, Polly, William, [Betty?], [Suckey?], and this he shall in no wise wmit under the penalty of 100 and have then there this writ. Witnefs William Wilson Jr. clerk [ofom?] said Court, at the Courthouse aforesaid, the 21st day of March 1804 in the 28th year of the Commonwealth. William Wilson Jr Clk. [(inbound)?] To [inform?] the defendant his agents or attorneys from removing the [illegible] or either of them from the Commonwealth of Virginia until the further order of this Court. Unlefs he will enter into bond with approved security in the penalty of twelve thousand dollars to abide the further order or Decree of the court to be made in the cause, and until such bond be executed the Sheriff is hereby [ordered?] and required to take the plaintiffs into his custody. Wm WIlson Jr Clk. In obedience to which he executed