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his account the payment whereof had been denied by the auditor, and the Court who were well acquainted with all the facts and circumstances relative to this subject directed the payment of the same out of the funds of the County, which was accordingly done.

Your petitioner hath understood and believes that although the said Court did direct the payment of and did pay the aforementioned account and of course were convinced of its justice and propriety, they will not consent to pay him the amount of his account since that period, believing the Commonwealth to be justly chargable therewith, he is therefore entirely without remedy unlefs by the aid of the Legislature. He humbly hopes [then?] that your Honorable body will take his case unto mature consideration and extend to him suitable relief. Ja's Browne Browne's Pet. Prop.y Red [Dec?] 10th 1805 rejected [reposted?]