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Winchester, Va., Nov. 16, 1918 Mrs. Lela Meade Valentine, Pres., Equal Suffrage League of Virginia 100 North 4th St., Richmond, Va. My dear Mrs. Valentine: Replying to your letter of yesterday I am glad you wrote to Mrs. Shirley Carter, Mrs. W. A. Baker, and Mrs. Barton about Miss Pidgeon. These ladies have independent means and are not handicapped as I am in finances. Mrs. Barton, however, is at Old Point with her daughter. How long she expects to remain I do not know, but she may be able to do something even out of town. Mrs. W. A. Baker, I think, is at home, and I know her house is not closed. I do not know whether Mrs. Barton's home is closed or not. Mrs. Shirley Carter is recovering from influenza and pneumonia. Anyhow, you will receive, no doubt, replies from these ladies. If none of them can help Miss Pidgeon I advise you to write to Mrs. Wisecarver, Amherst Street, Winchester, Virginia. This lady takes her meals here very often and has talked to me enthusiastically about equal suffrage, and asked me to order the Woman Citizen for her, which I did. She is comfortably fixed and has a large house and is a widow without family. I think she rents some of her rooms, and she might be willing to give the room free of charge to Miss Pidgeon. This I do not know, of course, but she might give her a comfortable room for a very small sum if she were not wiling to contribute the room. I do not know the lady well enough to say just what I think she would or would not do, but it might be a good idea to write to her, not mentioning my name. The reason I ask my name not to be mentioned is because it would place me in an embarrassing position. I live in a hotel and Mrs. Wisecarver would probably wonder why I did not take Miss Pidgeon. This was explained to you in my last letter. I could not do this unless I paid Miss Pidgeon's expenses to the Hotel Jack, and I am not financially able to do it, as my father is ill in a sanitarium and absolutely dependent upon my brother and me for support, and his expenses are very heavy, and I have to make many sacrifices in order to care for him. The ladies mentioned in the foregoing paragraphs do not understand or know my financial difficulties, which I explained to you, (they were explained to you because I would not have you believe me untrue to the cause by refusing to help) and it would be natural for them to think that I should not