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-2- appeal to them when my family were in the hotel business. My family, unfortunately, are not as ardent suffragists as I am, and one is an anti. Perhaps you can appreciate my position. Mrs. W. A. Baker, and Mrs. Shirley Carter are suffragists, but I do not know whether they are deeply enough interested to do any work. I know that Mrs. Barton and I were the only ones, as far as I was aware, that were willing to give our time to canvassing last winter, and what was done we did without help, even paying, ourselves, for all telegrams sent to representatives. If the suffragists sent any telegrams (I do not know whether they did or not) I suppose they paid for them, themselves, but I, myself, paid for all the telegrams I secured from different citizens. The apathy here is so discouraging, but it could not possibly keep me from canvassing and forging ahead, but conditions at home over which I have no control, keep me pinned to the work here, and more especially, since my father has become so ill. All the ladies mentioned in your letter have automobiles, and two of them have chauffers, so I know they can help, and I hope they will gladly do so. Mrs. Hunter McGuire expressed herself as being quite disgusted with the cause on account of picketing. I took up the argument with her and tried to make her see how unjust it was to down a principle because of the excesses of a minority. This was several months ago. Perhaps she will help. When she becomes interested in any subject she becomes enthusiastic and a good worker. Try sending her a letter, also. Let me know if you think there is anything further that I can do. I think it better for you to write to them and explain the work to be done than for me to go and see them. Cordially yours, E. Virginia Smith