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at any moment, in this session. If so, we expect to exert every effort to carry the measure. It is for this reason that the matter is so urgent at the present time. Will you not exert your influence with the following men: In the House: Hon. Will A. Cook. " R. A. Anderson. " U.G. Flanagan. " T. B. Forester. " Peter Dickerson. " W. A. Horton. " C. Henry Harmon. " T. W. Mitchell. " Frank J. Wright. Most of these men are rather favorable to us. Mr. Burhman will surely vote for our bill, and he has also kindly consented to be on of our patrons. We will appreciated your influence with the following men in the senate, also: Senator J. M. Goodwin. " M. Price Webb " B. A. Davis. " J. Powell Royall. Thanking you for your kind co-operation, Sincerely yours, Member Ratification Committee, Equal Suffrage league of Virginia.