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My dear Miss Clark: I do not know whether to say "Miss" or not, but I'm going to take a chance at it.

Your good letter has come to me, and I have read it with intense interest.

I thoroughly acquiesce with you in your judgment that it would be unwise to have suffrage defeated at this time in your good State. We have for a number of weeks, been bending every energy possibly toward helping you develop all the strength possible for ratification, believing that if we could get ratification at this time, it would be very helpful in other States.

As far as any members of the National Woman's Party are concerned, the only association I have had with them at all was a visit one day this last week from Miss. Politzer. I did not know at the time she came to see me that she was affiliated with that party, and I do not want anybody down there to think that she represents either the Administration or the National Democratic Headquarters. Of course I am glad to work with anyone who can actually help in getting suffrage ratified in Virginia.

I have been hopeful that we might get ratification at this time.