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1919 Sept 8 Harrisonburg Va c/ Mrs Shaeffer

My dear Mrs. Valentine: _

I was especially glad to hear from you because I had known of both your illness & your loss - both of which same troubles came to me, also, last year & have only now having the chance to recuperate a bit in soul & body. So that I have [illegible] & sympathy with you, you may be sure. x x x x I fear you credit me with more than is my due. I believe that I was the [illegible] cause of Senator Keyell writing the article but he has been a [illegible] for at least the past five years. I can't say before that. But I was here just five years ago & had a "heart to heart" talk with him [illegible] & he expressed his full [illegible] in it as a [illegible]. Behind, of course, in the "slate by slate"