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far off when they would no longer have the chance. He realized it but said the Va women were not ready for it & very few of them pushing for it &c, &c, etc. You know the point of view - & one can't wonder at it much when one meets the wives of most of the men & hears the men themselves expound their general views upon government. However he was no longer a member of the Senate but said he would (& did) talk with such men in Richmond as he felt could & would move in that direction. I know that he did talk & write to Senators Martin & Swanson (at my request) to vote for us the last two times they had the chance. He now feels that it is not only the right thing to do but the expedient one for Va. but as he is not now in the Senate & says he will not run again in spite of the pressure here for him. I asked him to write for print his views before the vote in Richmond & also to talk to men up there. He is now there. He said that he would do so. I think it might be well for you to see him, thank him for the article & suggest something more he can do. His wife is now in hospital there - paralyzed & in a dreadful state I am told. I have not seen her. Yes, John Paul (& his clever mother) are good suffragists. I'll try to learn more of the situation here- & of the Harrises. They do not appear to be popular here. Why I do not know. Shall try to learn. Will also try to talk with them as to their ideas of the next step to take. I'll be here this week hope I may go to Mrs. Catt - she urges me to come to her "farm" for a bit. Thanking you for your letter & for - yourself - I remain yours sincerely Helen H Gardner