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Send some literature for the fair, please.

Lynchburg, 25 Sept., 1919.

Miss Ida Thomson, Sec'y., Richmond, Virginia -

My dear Miss Ida: Your welcome letter of yesterday has just reached me. Many thanks for the check. Of course I did not make any charge from my travels from Lynchburg to Rocky Mount and back - that was my personal journey: I only charged the expenses from Roanoke to Galax and back to Roanoke; as that was the "side step" necessitated on the Galax trip. In regard to county-courts: I could go to Amherst and to Campbell Courts, but the date for Appomattox is the time when I expected to be in Roanoke - Oct. I, on Wednesday - Which do you think would be more effective, the W.C.T.U. endorsement (if I can get it!) or an address at Appomattox? It seems to me the worth of the latter would be to get pressure on Mr. Ferguson and Mr. Burke, and that could only be obtained by having a heavy poll of influential signers to our enrolment - a thing difficult to do unless